ZM-CB-PE50 Paper Food Box Machine

Paper Lunch Box Machine


Paper Food Box Machine

ZM-CB-PE50 automatic paper lunch box machine is an automatic machine with the advantage of high speed and easy operation. It is ideal for single PE coated paper and double PE coated paper as the ceramic hot air seals the box corner.

Disposable Paper Box Paper Lunch Box
* Available Size Regular size (mold can change)
Paper Material 200-400gr/m2 single or double PE coated paper
Capacity 40-50 pcs/min
* Power Supply 220V 50Hz (others should be specified)
Total Power 5W
Weight 700Kg
Machine Size 1650x1150x2100mm
Required Air Air Pressure: 0,8Mpa
Air Output: 1,5m3/min

Paper Lunch Box Machine