Facial Tissue Folder Machine


Facial Tissue Folder Machine

The ZM-KM-2002 Facial Tissue Machine cuts the raw paper and folds it as a wipe in V shape. As there is no perforation in the V folding system, folded handkerchiefs can be easily pulled one by one from the box. This machine has vacuum and automatic counting device. High-performance and accurate product counting are among the outstanding features. If desired, the embossing unit and edge controller can be added to the machine. ZM-KM-2002 Facial Tissue Machine can only be used as a folding unit, and has full automatic line and semi-automatic line options. It is possible to make different configurations of the machine according to the customers' requests.

1. Horizontal type paper unwind stand: The raw paper stand is positioned parallel to the floor and the paper is carried by pneumatic wide belts. For each roll of raw paper there are individual tension control devices. * Optionally, pneumatic raw paper loading unit can also be added.
2. * Web-edge control function: This function will be installed on the paper unwind stand. The function is affected by a sensor to inspect and trace the web edge, which is controlled by PLC, and then the sensor will transfer the data to the web edge-controlling performer to affect the aim of alignment of different paper webs. With this web-edge controlling function, the web edge of the different paper web will be kept in parallel with each other, even if the paper roll is transferring in high speed. Thus, it can reduce the wastage of paper roll edge.
3. This machine alarms when the paper is finished.
4. Automatic dispatching/pick-up device: This device can fulfill the instruction sent from the system accurately, count and divide the folded paper according to the requirements, and then send it to the dispatching device.
5. *Dispatching device: It's to dispatch and transport the paper sheet to an auto-loading device.

Double Line Facial Tissue Machine

Facial Tissue Machine

V Fold Machine

Facial Tissue Production Line with Band Saw

Reference Project: LILA KAGIT, Istanbul, Turkey
Facial Tissue Production Line

LILA KAGIT Facial Tissue Production Line

Facial Tissue Machine - V Folding Machine


ZM-KM-200/2 V Fold Folder

ZM-KM-190/2 V Fold Folder

ZM-KM-180/3 V Fold Folder





Finished Product Size (Open)

200 x 100-200 mm

190 x 100-200 mm

180 x 100-180 mm

Finished Product Size (Folded)

100 x 100-200 mm

95 x 100-200 mm

90 x 100-180 mm

Max. Width of Raw Paper

400 mm

400 mm

540 mm

Max. Diameter of Raw Paper

1100 mm

Inner Diameter of Raw Paper Core

76.2 mm

Max. Machine Speed

1100 sheet/min/lane


Steel to Rubber, Steel to Steel (To be ordered)

*Bottom Roller Embossing

Felted Roller, Woolen Roller, and Rubber Roller


Variable Frequency Speed Regulating

* Air Compressor

Provided by the user

*Web-edge Control


*Pneumatic Embossing

To be ordered

* Counting

To be ordered

* It shows the specifications that are optional or should be specified while ordering.