Dispenser Napkin Machine


Dispenser Napkin Machine

ZM-PM-D Air Suction Dispenser Napkin Processing Machine adopts vacuum suction technology to process napkin paper after embossing and folding. The last fold is a little bit longer so that it is easy to be drawn from the box, and the other paper sheet won't be drawn out together, so the end user can avoid the unnecessary wastage. The napkin machine has an electric monitor tracking the output of paper, automatic stop device for the broken paper and an automatic counting and dividing device. It even adapts to the inverter speed regulator enabling a simple operation.

Dispenser Napkin

Industrial Dispenser Napkin Machine

Dispenser Napkin Folder

Dispenser Napkin Machine
Dispenser Napkin Machine


ZM-PM-D Dispenser Napkin Machine

Folding Type

Interfold 3 Fold

Max. Machine Speed

1400 pc/min


4 KW

* Raw Paper

Can differ according to different sizes and types of the machines

Inner Core Diameter of Raw Paper


Raw Paper Material

One layer napkin, GSM 22-40g/m2

* Embossing

Steel to steel embossing
Embossing with engraving mode
Embossing with temperature heating device
(To be ordered)

* Web-edge Controller

(To be ordered)



* Printing System

Flexo printing with aniline plate
water based ink

Main Transmission

Variable frequency speed regulating

* Packing Size

It will be different according to different type and the configuration of the machine

* It shows the specifications that are optional or should be specified while ordering.