Napkin Machine


Napkin Machine

ZM-PM-II model paper napkin machine cuts raw bobbin paper and folds it as a square or rectangular paper napkin. With the applied resistance system, the embossing heat remains constant at the specified level, ensuring continuity of the bounce, softness and quality of the resulting product. The ZM-PM-II Paper Napkin Machine has an automatic sheet counting device. The high performance and faultless product count are among the remarkable features. The ZM-PM-II Paper Napkin Machine has a single or two color printing system and can be operated without printing, if desired.

1. The size of the original paper: Max. roll diameter is 1100mm, 13-225g/m2, 1-2-3 layers pure wooden pulp tissue paper, the inner diameter of the paper core is 76.2mm.
2. The finished product size: It could be customized based on the requirements.
3. Folding Style: 1/4 & 1/8
4. Auto-counting
5. Embossing can be made according to samples shown by buyer (Steel to Rubber or Paper)
6. Power: 380vV, 50Hz, 3 phase (other electric source please specify)
7. Max. Speed: 2000 napkins per minute
8. Working Speed: 1.500 napkins per minute – 800 napkins per minute with printing
9. All electronic parts are from the best European brands (SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER, OMRON or LG)
10. All metal parts are from Turkey (European Standard)
11. The machine is made in TURKEY
12. With Security Cabin (Soundproof cabin)
13. With LG touch screen mini computer
14. The machine's main motor is Siemens or Gamak

2 Color Printing Napkin Machine

Napkin Machine
ZM-PM-II Napkin Machines


ZM-PM-II (2 colors printing) Napkin Machine

* Max. Width of Raw Paper

other sizes should be specified

Max. Diameter of Raw Paper

1100 mm

* Max. Inner Core Diameter

3", 76mm

*Folding Types

1/4, 1/8
other required folding types should be specified

* Finished Product Size

240mm x 240mm
300mm x 300mm
330mm x 330mm
400mm x 400mm
other required sizes should be specified

Raw Paper Specs

1-3 ply, GSM 18-25g/ply


160-180 m/min


Variable Frequency Speed Regulating

Procedure Control


* Counting


* Embossing


* Heating System

Resistance can be added if required

* Lamination


* Flexo Printing

Water based ink, aniline layer
Single or double color printing

* It shows the specifications that are optional or should be specified while ordering.