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Fully Automatic Toilet Paper and Kitchen Towel Machine

This machine adopts the advanced technology of PLC computer programming, variable frequency speed regulating, electronic brake and HMI operation interface. This Toilet Paper and Kitchen Towel Machine has an impeccable reputation in the market, with its excellent practice of all devices equipped on one machine. It is the ideal choice for producing high-quality toilet roll and a kitchen towel, reducing consumption and increasing economic benefits.

1. Horizontal style paper unwind stand: Raw paper line-placed delivers paper with the pneumatic wide belt, with the separate tension control device in each roll of raw paper. * Pneumatic paper loading unit.
2. *Web-edge controlling function: It will be installed on the paper unwind stand. The function is operating with a sensor to inspect and trace the web edge, which is controlled by PLC, then the sensor will transfer the data to the web-edge controlling performer to achieve the aim of alignment of different paper webs. With this web-edge controlling function, the web edge of a different paper web will be kept in parallel with each other, even if the paper roll is transferred in high speed, which can reduce the wastage of paper roll edge.
3. The machine will alarm when paper core or stainless steel tube is finished.
4. With web break detection function, the machine can stop automatically.
5. The rewinding technology of this machine is an important invention. It can make the finished paper reel tight first and then loose. It can give the different density for different parts of the paper roll. The paper core won't separate from the paper roll after a long time in the store (controlled by microcomputer).
6. Automatically changing paper tubes and automatically unloading finished products: The paper tube or stainless steel tube can be adjusted from 25mm to 50mm in 1 min. rewinding in high speed (at 180m-200m/min, the machine can finish rewinding and unloading one paper roll in 8-11 seconds. The rewinding can be finished in 9 seconds at the base of 200 sheets and per sheets size is 115mm. Rewinding can be finished in 11 seconds if the function of trademark embossing is ON).
7. The synchronized finishes of automatic tail-trimming, gluing and sealing can reduce the consumption of paper when the roller paper is sent to the process of slitting and packing. As a result of this, the working efficiency and the product quality can be greatly increased.
8. Adopting of up-guided method to wind finished paper and the front and back jogging button to guide raw paper make the operation much simpler.
9. If we compare single embossing and double embossing, the paper with *double embossing is much softer, while the embossing on both sides of the finished products will be complete in the same way. Moreover, the paper roll of the same size will be about 15% or lighter. It is especially fit for processing kitchen roll.
10. *Edge embossing: With special pneumatic embossing bearing and a hard anvil roller, we can emboss 2 lines at both edge of toilet roll, so that we can prevent the different layers of toilet roll from scattering, while the toilet rolls will look much more beautiful.
11. *Gluing compounding unit: When proceeding kitchen towel, the unit glue applies the glue on the bulge of embossing layers to make the two layers compound into one. As the gluing only applies on the bulge of embossing layers, some air between those parts without embossing between the two layers can be saved, and the absorbability of the products can be improved.
12. *Decorative gluing device: When processing toilet paper, the colorful glue will be applied in between the second and third layer to show all kinds of color pattern on the paper surface (the pattern is decided by the embossing roller), to make the layers compound into one, and to avoid destroying the soft of paper. After this process, the paper will be very beautiful, soft and high quality.
13. *Tail trademark embossing device: This device can emboss the trademark at the position of 4 cm away from the tail, which will make paper layers not scatter and prevent the product from imitation. It's especially fit for producing paper rolls without embossing.

ZM-TK-250 Toilet Paper Rewinder

ZM-TK-250 Automatic Toilet Paper Machine
Model ZM-TK-250 Toilet Paper Roll ZM-TK-250 Kitchen Towel Roll
Design Speed 250 m/min 230 m/min
Paper Unwind Stand 1-3 Stand 2-3 Stand
Embossing Roller steel-to-rubber, steel-to-steel steel-to-rubber, steel-to-steel (nested or point-to-point)
Max. Raw Paper Roll Width 1350 - 2800 mm
* Raw Paper Roll Outer Diameter 1100 mm (other sizes should be specified, the max. outer dia. of raw paper roll is 2500mm)
* Core Diameter 3" 76 mm
* Outer Diameter of Finished Product 90-145mm
* Core Diameter of Finished Product 25-55mm
Control of Product Finish Total length or product diameter
Counter Embossing Roller wool, felt, rubber
Power 5.5 KW - 22 KW (Variable frequency speed regulating)
Operating System PLC
Parameter Setting HMI Operation Panel
Computer Control Touched Screen
* Web-edge Control PLC
Pneumatic Embossing Automatic setting in between 8cm - 25cm
Brake Electronic and Pneumatic
Mechanical Transmission Each unit is driven by independent frequency converted motor transmission by synchronous belt
Pneumatic System 5kg/cm2pa 4HP air compressor, provided by user
Perforating Blade 4 pcs spiral blades
* Perforating Size 108mm(+-2mm)
Lamination Gluing for nested or point to point embossing patterns.(Need to be specified when ordered)
* Color Lamination Specific embossing design

* It shows the specifications that are optional or should be specified while ordering.

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