Non-stop Toilet Paper Machine


Fully Automatic Toilet Roll/Kitchen Towel Rewinder (Non-Stop)

1. Non-stop type machine – it continuously rewinds.

2. Each unit is driven by an independent motor (servo motor).

3. Simple structure decreases the failure rate.

4. Servo motor controls machine head and brake.

5. High-precision NC machine large diameter blade shaft, Siemens SIMOTION system and automatic blades axial slid function guarantee precise and clear perforation, and the rolls have finest tightness and diameter.

6. Perforation size could be set on the HMI.

7. Patented technology: it uses the constant-vacuum system to start rewinding coreless roll, faster and with less wrinkles.

8. * Optionally, the double-perforated blade can easily and quickly move from the perforation size of the small-diameter toilet paper, to the large-sized kitchen towel.

ZM-TK-600 Full Servo Toilet Paper Rewinder

Lila Paper Toilet Paper Project

TK600 Automatic Toilet Paper Machine

TK600 Line at Osmaniye/Turkey

ZM-OK Log Saw (Integrated to ZM-TK-600)

ZM-TK-600 Toilet Paper Machine

ZM-TK-600 Servo Kitchen Towel Rewinder with Lamination (Non-Stop)

ZM-TK-600 Fully Automatic Industrial Jumbo Toilet Paper Machine

ZM-TK-600 Fully Automatic Servo Industrial Toilet Paper and Kitchen Towel Rewinder


ZM-TK-600 3600/2900/2500
Toilet Paper Machine

Design Speed

0-600 m/min

Guarantee Operation Speed

With core: 0-500 m/min
Coreless: 0-280 m/min

* Max. Outer Diameter of Raw Paper


* Max. Width of Raw Paper

3600/2850/2400 mm

Parameter Setting

HMI Touch Screen

Machine Control System


Program Control

PLC + Full SERVO systems

* Embossing Roller

For laminated toilet paper/kitchen towel: 4 set laser (engraved) point-to-point or nested pneumatic embosser
Steel to rubber/steel roller

Counter Embossing Roller


* Outer Diameter of Finished Product (mm)

65-140, please specify other sizes

Diameter Control of Finished Product

Electronic (Servo)

Counting of Finished Product Sheets

Electronic (Servo)

Control of Product Finish

According to length or the diameter of the toilet roll

Perforation Blade

6 helix-perforating blades (made in Germany), driven by independent motor

Perforation Length

6 blades 80-150mm
3 blades 160-300mm
Independent motor adjusting

Web Feeding Protection

Automatic web thickness monitor

* Outer Diameter of Finished Product Core (mm)


Core Transfer

ZM-TK-600 Toilet Paper Machine has an automatic high speed core production line and this line transfers cores to the machine automatically.

Core Gluing

Less than 2 pitches wrinkle pitches per roll

Mechanic Driving

Timing belt system

* Back-stand

1-4 (1-4 plies, with shaft or shaft less)

Web Edge Control

Controlled by PLC, tracked with sensor

Edge Embossing

Air bag type

Typical Tail Sealer

40 log/min

Clean Cut SERVO System

This machine can break off the last sheet of toilet roll from the perforated point with adopted clean cut servo system, which reduces wastage of tissue paper explicitly compared to other machines.

* Lamination Unit

Gluing for nested or point-to-point embossing pattern. (Need to be specified when ordered)
* Optional quick change function

* Coreless Function

Produce coreless roll

* It shows the specifications that are optional or should be specified while ordering.

Integrated Production Lines - Sample Setting

Toilet Paper Production Kitchen Towel Production